Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What's in a name?

After finding out what we were having yesterday, we stopped at the grocery store to buy a treat for the girls.  We felt sure that most bakeries would keep on hand something pink and something blue, and that was how we had planned on telling them.  Turns out that the only distinctly boy cake to be had was Thomas the Tank Engine, so that's what we got!  We had an evening of celebration including sparkling grape juice with dinner, a game of Clue afterward and blue cake for dessert!
Names for both a boy and a girl have been picked for a while now.  We actually had the most trouble with boy names, just because our household is so girly.  After many suggestions (some of the more interesting ones coming from my co-workers, thanks, but Megatron just didn't make the cut) We settled on Zachariah David. And yes, we plan on calling him Zachariah.  Not Zach.  Not Zachary.  Zachariah.  Realistically, I know that at some point, his friends will probably call him a shorter version thereof, and if that's what he prefers, then we'll get used to it.  For now, however, we'll be going with the full deal.  Time to get cracking on a personalised diaper bag!  :)


Jamie McLaughlin said...

Wow knowing the name this early is really convienient Thanks! haha. Are you going to have a theme? jungle animals? trains? boats? WoW?

Cristi said...

I like the name. Our nephew is Zachariah Keith, they do call him Zach however. I said when Josh was born that we were not going to call him Josh, but it would be Joshua. That did work for a while. Now he is Josh though and he will tell you quickly. lol I did ward off "Spud" which his pawpaw called him until basically I forced him to stop. lol. I know you are tickled about little Zachariah! Congrats.

Susie Bibb said...


Our Thomas is still Thomas. Once in a while someone in the family will call him Tommy, or Tom-tom, but everyone at school calls him Thomas.

Avery's Mommy said...

Love the name!