Thursday, 29 July 2010

Quick baby update

I had a doctor appointment yesterday.  Zachariah's heartbeat was 146 BPM, and everything is looking good.  My blood pressure is still in a normal range, and I passed the glucose test "with flying colours".  I'm not anemic, but my iron was on the low end of normal, so they have me taking a low mg iron supplement just to give me a little extra cushion.  I've been working hard on getting the house ready, so we can bring baby home soon!  :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Random Camp Copass sightings

The band who performs at Camp Copass posts pictures of the kids during worship on their website, and while browsing, I found two pictures of Tatiana, and one of my shoulder!  Hehe!  I can't believe they got me the one day I was there!
Here's Tatiana, front and center, taking a picture, I think.

Doing the "Lawnmower Man"  Look in the lower right.  She's wearing green.

See between the two boys?  There's my shoulder.  We're doing the "Lawnmower Man" here, too.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

28 Weeks

Ever wonder what it's like trying to get a picture with three dogs wanting to get in on the fun?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

What a week!

This was one busy week!!!  Tatiana was at camp this week, and as I mentioned earlier, I drove some of the bags out.  We all got up bright and early Monday morning, and took Jonathan to work, where Celestia also spent the day while I was busy driving.

We got the kids settled into their cabins

and I headed home.
Wednesday, I had my last monthly doctor appointment.  Now on to every two weeks.  It's getting so close!!!  This, I think, may be my least favourite doctor appointment of the entire nine months.  It was for the glucose and iron screening.

I really think it should be cruel and unusual punishment to jack someone's blood sugar up that high and then stick them with a needle.  Especially someone who happens to be hypoglycemic.  I felt rotten the rest of the day.  :(  Anyway - Zachariah's heartbeat was in the 160's and he kicked the doctor when she put the doppler on my belly to listen.  Sugar high, anyone?  lol  I am now measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, so have gained another half a week since last month.  No surprise there.  Everything is looking good, and I haven't heard back from the blood test, so I'm going to assume that I passed those, too!
By Thursday, Celestia and I had still not had a day to have some fun just to ourselves, so it was off to the aquarium.  Unfortunately, I was still feeling sick from the glucose test, so didn't take nearly as many pictures as I did when Tatiana and I went in June.  Nevertheless, we had fun and I got a few pictures.

The sloth was trying to escape and had to be fetched from the roof.

Some of the chameleons were out on a tree in the penguin area, because there was construction going on in their area, and it stressed them out.

Several new tanks have opened...

and it was sea turtle feeding time!

Friday, Celestia and I drove back out to camp to rock out with The Jonathan Project,  and pick up some bags, and a very sunburned Tatiana.

Needless to say, by the time we got home, everyone was pretty worn out from all the excitement.  I'm looking forward to a much calmer week, and getting more accomplished around the house so I can bring my Zachariah home soon!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

27 Weeks

Much debate exists concerning when the third trimester begins.  Is it 26 weeks?  27?  28?  Whatever.  I'm going to say that we're expecting to see a a baby in about 10 weeks time, so it's time to declare myself in the third trimester!  Yesterday was SUCH a busy day!  Tatiana went to camp, and I drove out bags in the truck.  As we're taking a smaller group this year, and I'm pregnant, bag transporter is going to be my contribution.  You may remember that last year, I went out to volunteer, and ended up staying for the rest of the week.  I preface the pictures with all of this, because Jonathan may have had some difficulty getting a good picture of a very sleepy momma!  :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

4th of July fun!

I'll be honest, I'm never quite sure what to do on the 4th of July.  For me growing up, it was always a vacation holiday.  We went to Cozumel.  Ironic, no?  But, we've done our best to try and establish some of our own family traditions with the girls.  Among these are veggie dogs and chips for dinner with ice cream sundaes for dessert, and of course, fireworks!  I will admit that the idea of fireworks this year was incredibly daunting for me.  I knew that I should probably suck it up for the girls sake and go, but the heat has REALLY been getting to me.  I mean we're talking 15 minutes in the sun, and I'm completely wiped out, breathless, and swollen for the rest of the day.  However, some friends invited us to go to the fireworks in Addison that are on the 3rd of July every year, and it was great!  If you live around the Dallas area, you'll know that it rained all day on Saturday, which kept the temperature down and kept Momma cool!  :)
We met for dinner at The Magic Time Machine where Jonathan was silly in sunglasses.
See the Mad Hatter standing up in the background?  I should have gotten a better picture of him.  He was great!  Celestia drank her first glass of soda so quickly that he brought her an extra big one for a refill.  It was one of the metal containers that are usually used to put silverware in on a buffet line.  I should have taken a picture of THAT, too!  :(

After supper, we walked over to Addison Circle where the girls played in the water...
 and we waited for fireworks to start.

We all enjoyed a little funnel cake while they were drying off...

and then the fireworks started.

Everyone had a great time, and I'm so glad we decided to go!  Thanks for inviting us, Alexis!  I can't believe that next year we'll both be families of five!  :)

Monday, 5 July 2010