Wednesday, 19 October 2011

1 year stats

Height 29.5" 35th percentile
Weight 23.2 lbs. 51st percentile
Head Circumference 18.5 65th percentile

Zachariah eats just about anything you put in front of him (I'm sure you can't tell) but he especially likes
All kinds of fruit
Mexican food (but not tortilla chips)
He also loves ice, and will drink water from a glass or straw with help.
His very favourite food, however, is whatever happens to be on Mommy's plate at the time!
How 'bout this beautiful picture from Stefani Marcus Photography?

He imitates vowel sounds and syllables and says some words in his own way.
"Bababa" is banana
"Dog" is pretty clear
"Hi" is also fairly clear
He says "Uh Oh"
He has been known to put together "Hi Dada"
He knows the signs for "milk" and "more" with prompting and will sometimes sign for "milk" without prompting.  He also claps for "yay"  As I'm sitting here, typing this post he began coming up to me and asking for "more" yogurt, so I guess he's got that one down, too!  Time to add in "please" and "thank you"!  ;)

When asked to show his tongue, he will stick his tongue out about 75% of the time.  :P
He also likes to give big open-mouthed kisses.  <3

More than anything, Zachariah is a very, very busy boy.  He's been walking for 2 months now, and has actually graduated to mostly running.  lol  He keeps us busy for sure!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Rainy day fun

What do you do when it's raining out and everyone's going stir crazy?
I taped the paper down, but it didn't last long.
Finger paint with the baby, of course!
See?  No more paper!
Yum!  Flour, water and food colouring.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Zachariah's first trip to the zoo!

The day after Zachariah's first birthday was homeschool day at the Fort Worth Zoo.  We love it there, so Jonathan planned to take the day off of work for all of us to go, and we had a great time!
Those are some good lookin' kids, if I do say so myself!
Let's check out the petting zoo!
Ooh, what's that?
A goat!
Hi crocodile!
I get to play in the water?
Yay, touch tank!
I crawled through a tunnel with Zachariah to show him the kangaroo rats!
I have a joey, too!  :)
Look at that birdie eating!
What's that behind me, Mom?
Double fisted bird feeding!
That would be Celestia's arm.  Somehow, we didn't get a single picture of her feeding the birds.  :(
Snack time for Zachariah!
Nap time for the baby...
...and snack time for the rest of us!
Checking out the critters in the new herpetarium.
I'm thirsty!
Dig a tunnel!
We had a great day together.  I love doing fun things with my family!  <3

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Birthday boy!

A year ago today, we were in the hospital, having a baby.  Today, we celebrated one whole year with our big boy!  Our birthday tradition of having cupcakes (or brownies) for breakfast started when the girls went to preschool, and we took cupcakes for the class, so this morning, we started the day with a much more normal faire of sweet rolls.
Poor Z, always stuck with girly plates.  The curse of having 2 older sisters!

We played for a bit...

And headed to the park after lunch time to take a walk through the woods...

Where Zachariah stood up by himself for the first time ever in the meditation garden!
Let's see, first I'll do "downward facing dog"
It worked!
Can I do it again?  Downward dog...
I did it!

Then, we enjoyed the rest of the forest trail.

After our romp in the park, we came home, had a big supper...
Love it when this man cooks!  <3
I made sure he got Clifford tonight.  ;)

And opened presents.
But WHY can't I walk around with it and eat the wrapping paper?
I want those linking bugs!!!

Cake was smashed...
When a friend posted pictures of the Lego candy she had made for her kids' birthday, I knew I had to make a Lego cake for Zachariah's first birthday!
They were white chocolate coloured with blueberry.  Yummy!
First bite of candy!
Ooh, what's this?
Decisions, decisions.  Candy? ...
Or cake?
This is fantastic!!!
See my tongue?
Finger lickin' good!
That about does it, folks!
And then...
He took a bath.
We read his new book.
And snuggled up to nurse.

Because some things don't have to change just because I'm putting a big one-year-old boy to bed instead of an 11 month old.  <3