Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Baby's first fluff!

Are these the cutest cloth diapers, or what?!  Now, I know what most of you probably envision when you hear the phrase "cloth diapers".  You're thinking of Gerber prefolds and ugly white plastic pants that are impossible to get on a squirmy baby.  Let me assure you that unless you're a glutton for punishment, today's cloth is nothing like the cloth your grandmother used.  This particular diapering system is GroBaby brand.  They're a one size, hybrid cloth diaper.  What does that mean?  The waterproof shell is only changed if you have an extra messy diaper.  What you change every time, are the inserts.  I chose these because they dry faster than an all-in-one diaper, and also because you can fold a standard prefold (but not a Gerber!  They're filled with polyester and don't absorb well.) in thirds and use as an insert in addition to buying the GroBaby inserts.  The snaps are what makes them one size.  Snap them all the way up for a little baby.
Let them out a row for a bigger infant.
And let them out all the way for a toddler.
 Now, realistically, "one size" diapers aren't really.  Depending on how long it takes to potty train, we may need to purchase larger toddler diapers, and newborns still need prefolds and covers, but the covers are much like these diapers in that they come multi-sized and have velcro closures just like disposables.  You can choose to wrap your prefold diaper around the baby and use a snappi to fasten it, you can fold the prefold in thirds and put in in the cover just like in these diapers, or you can even wrap it around the baby and leave it unfastened, letting the cover do the work!
The best part?  Well, there's several really.  First, you can know you're doing something good for the planet.  The amount of disposable diapers that get sent to a landfill each year is astounding, and they take over 500 years to decompose!  Whew!  I had never thought of it before, but once I did, the tree-hugger in me couldn't stand it!  I also really like to try to keep as many unnatural chemicals out of our house as possible.  All the stuff that's in those disposable diapers is pretty yucky.  Believe me, I had one bust open once (forgot a swim diaper at the lake.  What's a girl to do?) and it was NASTY!!!  If I had really thought hard about it, I would have realised that the chemicals were probably what caused poor Celestia to get such horrible diaper rashes.  Of course, realistically, I know that not everyone is a tree-hugger or a naturalist, but everyone loves to save money, right?  Disposable diapers cost (based on conservative estimates) around $60 a month.  Assuming your baby is potty trained by age two, that's almost $1500 in diapers alone!  Cloth may be more expensive up front (why do you think I'm starting to build my stash now?) but even considering a few extra loads of laundry a week, it will never add up to that much.
So that, my friends, is why I'm choosing to cloth diaper.  I know it's not for everyone.  You can take it or leave it.  I'll love you either way.  People are going to call me crazy, and I know that.  If I'm not used to that by now, there's a problem!  ;)  If, however, you are interested in trying cloth, GroBaby diapers are all on clearance right now for 25% off from pampered buns, and Megan is AWESOME to work with!!!  I'm definitely going to order as much of my stash as possible from her just because she's super sweet and absolutely bends over backwards to get you what you need!  :)


Cristi said...

I have two friends who use the cloth diapers right now. They love them. How many more do you think you will need?

Jamie McLaughlin said...

I will say I have learned that the bigger your stash, the better for your diapers. Really you can't buy enough. My whole stash gets washed everyday because I only have like 12 diapers and it is just killer on the poor fabric. Now my question is do you want to just stick with grobaby or do you want other brands in your stash?

Also this is the month we find out if you are having a boy or girl right???

M J said...

I'm planning on getting 24 newborn prefolds and 21 infant prefolds from green mountain diapers and probably 8 or so thirsties duo wraps for the newborn stage. I definitely want to try out the new grovia line as well. I'm not set on having only grobaby/grovia. Those are the ones I have seen that impress me the most, but you really never know until you try. I could fall in love with a completely different diaper if I tried it! :)

Yes, May 17th is the day. A week and a half away!!!

M J said...

Ummm... that should have been 12 infant prefolds, not 21. lol