Friday, 21 May 2010

Madame Butterfly

Yesterday saw several firsts for our family...  First baby gifts (which I will post about later), first formal dress for Celestia, and also her first opera!  We arrived at the opera house a bit early, so had plenty of time to look around and take pictures of my beautiful big girl in her beautiful new dress.

She was excited to be really dressed up for the first time, and posed away.  Then, it was off to the concession stand to buy our snacks for intermission.  We made it to our aisle just in time for a lady a few seats over to ask Celestia to take her picture, and for her to get one of us!

Enjoying our snacks at intermission.
 Madame Butterfly is an amazing opera, and this performance was no exception.  Celestia really enjoyed going to see her very first opera.  I always love doing things with just one of my girls.  It's so fun to see what sweet individuals they are!

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Cristi said...

Pretty dress, sound like so much fun!