Sunday, 18 July 2010

What a week!

This was one busy week!!!  Tatiana was at camp this week, and as I mentioned earlier, I drove some of the bags out.  We all got up bright and early Monday morning, and took Jonathan to work, where Celestia also spent the day while I was busy driving.

We got the kids settled into their cabins

and I headed home.
Wednesday, I had my last monthly doctor appointment.  Now on to every two weeks.  It's getting so close!!!  This, I think, may be my least favourite doctor appointment of the entire nine months.  It was for the glucose and iron screening.

I really think it should be cruel and unusual punishment to jack someone's blood sugar up that high and then stick them with a needle.  Especially someone who happens to be hypoglycemic.  I felt rotten the rest of the day.  :(  Anyway - Zachariah's heartbeat was in the 160's and he kicked the doctor when she put the doppler on my belly to listen.  Sugar high, anyone?  lol  I am now measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, so have gained another half a week since last month.  No surprise there.  Everything is looking good, and I haven't heard back from the blood test, so I'm going to assume that I passed those, too!
By Thursday, Celestia and I had still not had a day to have some fun just to ourselves, so it was off to the aquarium.  Unfortunately, I was still feeling sick from the glucose test, so didn't take nearly as many pictures as I did when Tatiana and I went in June.  Nevertheless, we had fun and I got a few pictures.

The sloth was trying to escape and had to be fetched from the roof.

Some of the chameleons were out on a tree in the penguin area, because there was construction going on in their area, and it stressed them out.

Several new tanks have opened...

and it was sea turtle feeding time!

Friday, Celestia and I drove back out to camp to rock out with The Jonathan Project,  and pick up some bags, and a very sunburned Tatiana.

Needless to say, by the time we got home, everyone was pretty worn out from all the excitement.  I'm looking forward to a much calmer week, and getting more accomplished around the house so I can bring my Zachariah home soon!!!

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Mary and Jerry Bradshaw said...

Love it that you are taking the time to be with your big girls while you are carrying Zachariah! It was great to see Tatiana get settled into her bunk at Camp Copass.