Thursday, 17 June 2010

Just the two of us

Celestia has gotten too old to go to our beloved Camp Copass *sniff sniff*, so Sunday afternoon, we saw her off to a new camp at Abeline Christian University.

Tatiana was not too happy about her sister being gone for a week, so we promised her some fun time with just Mommy and Daddy.

Yesterday morning, I had a doctor appointment, and Tatiana got to go with me.  Not fun, you say?  Well, she thought it was AWESOME to be able to hear her little brother's heartbeat (150 BPM)!  My doctor is absolutely amazing, and spent a bit of extra time with us.  She let Tatiana hear the heartbeat for longer than was really necessary, and talked to her about camp and the aquarium.  On a side note, she says that everything is perfect, my blood pressure is great, I've gained just the right amount of weight, and I'm measuring a week and a half early, which is about what we expected.
There's no better place for a girl who wants to be a vet than somewhere full of animals (and no better place in the heat of June for a pregnant mama than somewhere indoors!).  We had great fun having lunch together at Cafe Maya, overlooking the shark tank and flamingos...

and then took off to see all our animal friends and take pictures of EVERYTHING!  I don't normally take so many pictures.  I love looking at wonderful pictures, but most of the time prefer to just relax and watch everything going on around me.

This bird flew right down to us, and Tatiana put her finger in the bird's face, and got bitten!  Silly girl!

This is my favourite place in the aquarium.  I love waterfalls!

Here is a close second favourite.

We saw several nesting animals.  Love is definitely in the air.

I even took a couple of self portraits.

Can't wait to bring my Zachariah here to enjoy the animals!

We had a great day together, spending the whole afternoon in our favourite place in Dallas!  Tatiana took a ton of pictures on her sister's old cell phone, and if we can ever find a data transfer cable, I'll post some of them, too!

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Valerie said...

ACU summer camps are some of my BEST memories! I never missed a year! :) Hope she loves it!