Tuesday, 13 July 2010

27 Weeks

Much debate exists concerning when the third trimester begins.  Is it 26 weeks?  27?  28?  Whatever.  I'm going to say that we're expecting to see a a baby in about 10 weeks time, so it's time to declare myself in the third trimester!  Yesterday was SUCH a busy day!  Tatiana went to camp, and I drove out bags in the truck.  As we're taking a smaller group this year, and I'm pregnant, bag transporter is going to be my contribution.  You may remember that last year, I went out to volunteer, and ended up staying for the rest of the week.  I preface the pictures with all of this, because Jonathan may have had some difficulty getting a good picture of a very sleepy momma!  :)


Jamie McLaughlin said...

that is hilarious. poor sleepy mama but woo hoo for the third trimester!!!

Mary and Jerry Bradshaw said...

These are so cute! I'm glad you posted all of them. Love, Mom