Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Camp Copass!

We love Camp Copass. Let me just say that again. We LOVE Camp Copass! It is located in Denton, Texas on Lake Lewisville, and everything about it is absolutely beautiful! This was Celestia's third (and last) year to attend, and Tatiana's first. For the last two years, Tatiana has spent the week of camp lamenting that she was not old enough to attend, and she has been looking forward to camp. All. Year. Long.

On Wednesday, I was scheduled to head out to camp and volunteer to help out in one of the "trek times" that the children attend. They are able to choose from activities such as archery, canoeing, soccer, sign language, jewelry making, and many more. These aren't able to happen without volunteers to teach, and to help. It's such a blast to go out and see kids having fun, and learning about God all at the same time. My favourite part of their day (and I really do believe after watching them that it's the kids fav, too) is the morning pep rally (read absolutely amazing worship). We are so blessed to have The Jonathan Project come from Virginia to party with our kiddos for a week. Craig Tackett (the bald guy featured here) has an absolutely infectious energy and passion for Christ! The kids go gaga for them, and as a matter of fact, Celestia's first words to me when I arrived were "Brittany's [Craig's wife] pregnant!" Drew Worsham (quick warning: somebody needs some more bandwith to support all his new fans!) is another repeat performer at camp. He is an absolutely amazing Christian illusionist, and the kids LOVE him!

Now, all that said, this year was just a little different for me volunteering. When I went out on Wednesday, I discovered that one of the ladies staying with our girls had a very unexpected death in her family. Her uncle had gone in on Monday morning to have some routine tests done, and never left the hospital. She was holding together seemingly well, and planning on staying at camp until Friday morning. As I am no longer employed, I offered to stay at camp for her, so she could go home. So, all that worked out, I ran home and stuffed clothes into a bag to come back to camp and play with our kiddos for another day and a half. Like a big dumb dummy-head, I forgot to grab my camera, so all of the pictures here are courtesy of camp and inlightened ministries (but are pictures of the actual week we were there, my kids were in the room when these were taken!), and my mother. All the cabins have Biblicaly themed names, and we stayed in Happiness. It's a really nice cabin, with bunks and bathrooms on either side of a main meeting room. This gives our group a place to meet and hang out with just us at certain times of the day.

I could seriously ramble on all day about what a wonderful camp this is, and what an amazing time the kids had. I could praise for hours the time and devotion that so many people put in from the kitchen workers (really, the food is pretty stinkin' good for camp food) to the DBU rec crew, but I wouldn't want to bore you. I just have one thing left to say... WE LOVE CAMP COPASS!!!!!!

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