Saturday, 6 December 2008

9 years old!

Since I started this blog after Tatiana’s birthday, it never occurred to me that I ought to put some pictures of her with all her loot. Now that Celestia’s birthday has rolled around, I thought I would do a retrospective look at our “Little Monkey’s” birthday. Daddy flew back into town the day before Tatiana turned 9, so he took the day off of work and stayed home with the girls. They had a fun lazy day, and I took a half a day off, and came home early. Tatiana was plagued with breakthrough chicken pox (vaccination what?) and not able to go out into public. No matter, she requested Pei Wei for dinner, so we got take out and trekked over to Nana & Papa’s house for the evening. As the girls recently got their very own bedrooms, we decided to decorate them for birthdays this year. Tatiana requested a meadow with horses, so she received all horse gifts. As I have posted all of our fabulous home improvements in my previous blogs, you may not be shocked to learn that we have not yet painted, or actually hung anything up the room. Ah well, at least the decorations are bought. Our next project (if things ever quit breaking) will be to actually paint and decorate. It ought to be cute!

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