Monday, 20 October 2008

Texas State Fair 2008 Tatiana

My visit to the Texas State Fair was very very very fun. The first thing I did was the swing ride. I felt scared and excited at the same time. The second thing I did was the King's Circus. It was a fun, confusing maze. When you go in there is a set of stairs, that move! When you're up the moving stairs there is a choice of up or down and I chose up. When you're up the set of stairs there is a slide. When you're down the slide there is a barrel that spins! The third thing I did was the monorail. I could see Big Tex and the ferris wheel. In fact I could see the whole fair! I also did the Love Bug. I was scared to do it at first, but I was brave. The Love Bug goes round and round. It started slow at but it spun faster and faster. I did the swing ride again, and the King's Circus two times as well. My favorite ride of all was the Log Flume. It was a really fun ride. You ride in a log (a fake one of course), there is a crocodile that spits water at you (the crocodile is fake, too), and then you go in a tunnel with a lot of mist. My glasses got all wet! You go up a big hill then you go down really fast and get soaked. I saw a parade with a lot of lovely horses. Four of the horses had blankets and a medieval mask. I also saw lots of floats. There was a big fat chef guy, and a girl with a really really really really puffy dress. After the parade, there was a light show and they played Sing Along (from Blue Man Group)!
We bought two halos for my sister and me. I ate pizza, drank lemonade, chocolate milk and a chocolate frosty. I did a ride called the Race Trax that I liked a whole lot. You get a mat and walk up a lot of steps, maybe one hundred! Well, when I finally got to the top, I got on my mat and slid down super fast! I went in the Enchanted Maze and it had pictures of "Harry Potter", and "The Wizard Of Oz". Like the King's Circus, it was fun, but confusing. It had clear glass and I could not tell where to go. Once Celestia thought she knew where to go and bumped into some glass. All day long, I enjoyed looking at lots and lots and lots and lots of lovely flowers that covered the fair grounds. Some of the colors were blue, pink, yellow, and white.
I loved going to the State fair and I am looking forward to going next year!

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