Monday, 20 October 2008

Texas State Fair 2008 Celestia

My favorite part of the Texas State Fair was going on all of the rides with my girl cousin, Chloe. First, we went on the Pirate ship ride and it was F-U-N, fun!!! Chloe was scared of going really high up, but she closed her eyes during those parts. We also went on Starship 2000. It was sort of like you were in space without a helmet! When you lifted your head up it hurt and you couldn't breathe! Next, we went on the Crazy Mouse spinning roller coaster. Once, when we went down we got our picture taken and Chloe's hair was flying! We went on a monorail, and could see the whole fair! I wished I brought my phone so I could take some pictures. That night, we went to see a parade. There were lots of horses, and a really fat chef! One lady had such a puffy dress I don't even know where to begin to describe it! Last, but not least, we saw the light show!!! It had lots of songs and shadows. One of the songs was Sing Along from Blue Man Group. I loved going to the fair with my Grandma Cyndi and look forward to going with her again next year!!!!!

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