Friday, 20 May 2011

The quest continues

Since Easter Sunday and Mother's Day were both so close together, I'm going to lump them into one post.

Easter Sunday was extremely low key this year.  I feel a little bad about it, since it was Zachariah's first Easter, but frankly, I just didn't have the energy to do much.  I also forgot to take my camera to Easter lunch with my parents, so the only pictures we have were taken on my mother's phone, which aren't very good.
Jonathan also took a few later in the day, but the girls were out playing, so they're not in them.
We backed Zachariah off of most solid foods shortly after this, because it was not agreeing with his tummy.  Now that he has so many teeth, he occasionally gets table food to nibble, but for the most part is exclusively breast fed.  We'll try giving more in a month or two, but purees were short-lived.  :)

On to Mother's Day!  Also a very low-key holiday this year.  We went out to lunch (again, lol!) with my parents, and then did a little shopping.  This time I did not forget my camera!  Notice the beautiful amethyst necklace I'm wearing.  It was my Mother's Day present, and I love it!!!
Celestia made me breakfast.  English muffins with scrambled eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Yummy!
I danced with Zachariah before church, making us late.  A good song came on Pandora, and I decided that dancing with my boy was more important than rushing to get out the door.  Not sorry.  <3
This is what our family is REALLY like!  ;)
Love that hand on my cheek!
Yum!  A napkin!
Zachariah noshed on breadsticks at lunch...
...and then nursed and fell asleep.


JMe said...

Aww I love your family so much....Also OH MY GOSH THAT BABY IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! (I had to write that in caps because it is in caps in my head ;p)

Ashley Doodle said...

Your kids are adorable! I love the ergo back carry picture!!! Woo go you! Your little man is so adorable! Rylan might be very slowly catching up to him he's 18lbs now :) you and I will have to talk wraps be as I get more confident with it I think you could sooooo definitely do it!