Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's a busy little life!

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, we've just been busy!  So to recap...
We've gone to the aquarium several times.
Took the kids to San Antonio...
Look at my new swim diaper, mom!
I'm ready!  Point me to the pool!
Look at Daddy's new hat!
Outside the Alamo
Waiting to go on the riverboat.
Zachariah's first boat ride
At the Rainforest Cafe
Love these babies!
Zachariah's first meat?  Fajitas!  Because that's the way we roll!
Yum!  Guacamole!
Such beautiful girls!
At the wax museum
They love Johnny Depp!
Dancing with Zachariah.  <3
And here's my handsome hubby in his new top hat!
I don't often get all three of my babies sleeping in the same room!  <3
 Took a field trip to the Dallas Art Museum...
Lunch in the sculpture garden
Had some fun around the house...
You can never start teaching them to type too early!  :)
I think you've got it wrong, son.
Getting ready to go swim.  Sunblock sure does make your hair sticky!
My tomato plant actually grew one lone tomato, and boy, was it yummy!
And went to Six Flags, where I took almost NO pictures!  lol  We sure had fun, though!
I THINK Celestia is in the blue car about to go back in the building.  It was going so fast!
Gotta keep that boy hydrated!
The one lone ride that Zachariah could go on.
I think that MAY actually have us completely caught up for blog posting.  WooHoo!!!  I'll try not to fall behind so badly again, although I can't promise, because Zachariah is a busy boy these days.  Something tells me he's going to be an early walker.

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