Thursday, 19 May 2011

While the house is still asleep

It's been an eventful month in the Martin household.  Zachariah cut his first tooth on April 20, and since that time hasn't stopped.  As of yesterday he has six teeth!  I've had my hands full, hence the lack of blogging.  This will be my first in a series of catch up blogs!

We went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for what was supposed to be a homeschool field trip.  It was on the field trip calendar.  We were the only ones there, and no one at the gardens knew we were coming.  I've since found out that the field trip coordinator for our co-op quit.  Must have missed that memo.  lol  Anyway, the kids and I had fun once we stopped wasting time wandering around and trying to figure out where we were supposed to be.
How beautiful is that?  Love my babywearing babies!  <3
This tree was literally growing around the bridge.  Co cool!
<3 these three!
This crane followed us throughout the day.  :)
See, I was there, too!

The girls fed fish while Zachariah was snacking.
See?  There's the crane again.
Hello pretty lizard!
How about one for the road, Mom?
All in all, we had a great day!  I love to take my babies out and about to see beautiful new things!  :)

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