Monday, 21 February 2011

So much to post, so little time!

We've been busy folks lately, so this will be a big catch up post!
Here is my little Zachariah playing with my sweet daddy.  Love seeing these two together.  :)

Every week at Friday School a different family does a skit about that semester's theme.  This time it is about the books of the Bible.  Last week, we signed up to do the skit.  It was so much fun!!!  Our inspiration came from the creators of Veggie Tales, and really, who doesn't love Veggie Tales?  I have a video, but seem to have misplaced the cable to transfer it to my computer.  In the meantime, here are some still shots of the four of us.  The lighting in the building leaves something to be desired, so they're a little dark.
Singing about the Pentateuch

Celestia had some super silly lines!

"Moses gives a big giant speech!"

Zachariah adding his two cents
Last, but not least, how about some super cute shots of my oldest child wearing my youngest child?  The girls have been begging me to try wearing Zachariah for a while now.  I may seriously have to consider buying them their own sling.  <3

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Ashley Doodle said...

Think about how cool that would be to buy them their own slings then when they have babies it'll be very special and sentimental for you too. :)