Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Four Months

Zachariah had his four month check up yesterday (can you believe he's four months old already?!), and he's doing great!  He weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces (67th percentile), and is 25 inches long (53rd percentile).  The doctor was pleased to see his amber necklace and said that he thinks they really do wonders for teething babies.  We're going to be trying yet another bottle tonight to see if Zachariah likes it any better. 
It's a trainer that's meant to transition from bottle to sippy cup.  The doctor said that some babies who don't have anything to do with a bottle do pretty well with sippy cups.  Funny thing is that I had already bought this bottle before we had the appointment!  :)  I actually tried giving him some milk from a glass the other night and he lapped up about an ounce or so.  hehe!

We got the Hib vaccine yesterday, and Zachariah has been a super sleepy boy ever since.  I'm so glad we're doing a delayed vaccination schedule because just the one or two that he gets at a time really slow him down for a day or two.

Otherwise, this boy is constantly in motion and playing more independently.

I'm still working on (unsuccessfully) dropping the baby weight but my new workouts are awfully fun, consisting of baby yoga...

and dancing with Zachariah and the girls to my new favourite pandora station!

In other news, we're supposed to get more of this tonight or tomorrow.
If it messes with my Friday school again (which we did NOT have last week!) I might just have to cry!

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