Saturday, 11 September 2010

I'm not fat, I'm big babied!

That title is just for my hubby!  ;)
I had my last bi-weekly doctor appointment on Wednesday, and will now move on to weekly appointments...  But for how long?  I have consistently measured between 2 and 3 weeks ahead of schedule since the second trimester.  Wednesday, I was exactly 35 1/2 weeks.  I measured 39 weeks.  For those of you who aren't familiar with how pregnancy is calculated, the due date is set at 40 weeks gestation.  Full term is considered anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks.  I have stayed within a completely acceptable weight gain, so that 39 week measurement is ALL baby.  The doctor said that she thinks the baby had dropped, and I agree with that assessment, as I am getting increasingly more uncomfortable.  Basically, we are getting down to crunch time, and this little one (or not so little one) could come at any moment.  As for other statistics, my blood pressure is back down to my normal range (I knew it was just stress), I still have no swelling in my hands or feet, and Zachariah's heartbeat was in the 140s.  Next week, we will have our last sonogram of the pregnancy that will determine lung development, and the baby's approximate weight.  At that time, we'll get a better idea of when he will be coming.  Because of my prior labours both needing to be induced, we're not going to be holding our breath for me to go into labour on my own this time, and will probably set an induction date very soon.  Tatiana's birthday is the 22nd, and I would really prefer not to have a tiny baby keeping us from taking her out, so I will probably not agree to a date before then.

As far as other goings on, I just realised that I never blogged about my sweet girls throwing me a surprise baby shower.  I need to go through the pictures, and will post about that soon.  Our bedroom is 90% ready, and I'll take some pictures of that soon, too.  Jonathan and I just started taking childbirth classes last week that run through the month of September, so we'll see how many of them we actually get to attend before Zachariah arrives!  The girls and I are settling into the school year, and I figure that we'll have it about worked out by the time we take a break for baby, and have to get back into the groove with another little one around the house.  Basically, everything is going well!  :)

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Mary and Jerry Bradshaw said...

Getting so excited! Love you so much. MoM and DaD