Monday, 30 August 2010

34 Weeks

Here I am at one of our favourite places in Dallas!

Reason # 492 why I love homeschooling
As you probably know, Jonathan travels with his work.  It's not always ideal, but he really likes his job, and I think he's pretty darn good at it, so I won't complain.  What does that have to do with homeschooling you ask?  Well, Jonathan left Saturday before last and didn't get home until Sunday, so that's two entire weekends that we missed together.  After more than 2 weeks of working nonstop, he took today off.  If the girls were locked into going to school every day, we could not really take advantage of this, but since they aren't... We had a nice relaxing morning around the house.  I made some muffins like I would normally do on a Saturday, and we had a nice leisurely breakfast together.  Jonathan spent a little while showing the girls how to do some graphic rendering on his computer, and then we headed to the aquarium as a whole family for the first time (and probably the last time as a family of only four!) in quite some time.  We ate lunch overlooking the shark tank at Cafe Maya, and spent the rest of the afternoon watching our animal friends.

Are we a little behind on our schoolwork?  Sure.  Will we be able to tack a bit extra on every day to catch up?  Yep.  Was it worth it?  Undoubtedly.  I "heart" my family!

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Mary and Jerry Bradshaw said...

So glad you could have a great family day! Love you all! Wonderful pictures! Mom