Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy 30th birthday, Darling!

Today is my most wonderful Jonathan's birthday! Looking through my computer, I realised how few pictures I actually have of him. In all fairness, that's probably because he simply doesn't like having his picture taken. Here are a few fun ones I DID have, though. Aside from the obvious, I have pictures of him unlocking the door to our house for the first time, and a picture of him and Arynson when we got him, on Jonathan's 25th birthday. I'm not sure what they were watching together on the tele, but it must have been good! :) The most recent picture in the group is a picture of Jonathan and the girls together on Tatiana's 10th birthday at the Rainforest Cafe.
I love you, Baby! Hope you have a great birthday even though we're not there to celebrate it with you. Now go on over to the Cheesecake Factory and have yourself a slice! :)

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