Friday, 2 October 2009

Fun stuff!

I have a confession to make... We've lived in our house for over five years now, and have never gotten around to actually doing much in the way of decorating. Well, we promised the girls that we would FINALLY paint their rooms and hang up all the decorations we bought them for their birthdays LAST year. I know. Pitiful. Tatiana's room was to be a meadow with horses in it. Believe me, she will have more horses than she knows what to do with before we are finished! Here, however, is the first step. We chose two shades of green. I personally like the dark one better, but really thought it would be too much for a little girl's room to have the entire thing that dark. So the wall with the window got the darker green, and the other three are painted a lighter shade. I hand painted flowers and stems on two of the walls in said darker shade of green, and hot glued flowers on them. As you can see, she has a HUGE picture board that I made from scratch last year, and that is what I used to pick the colour for the walls. I then painted the two bookshelves in her room and her bedside table in a pretty shade of cream. Not particularly exciting, I know, but it all looks really nice together! I didn't put a picture of the ceiling here, because the ones I took didn't turn out too well, but Jonathan also came to the rescue with the staple gun, and stapled blue tulle to the ceiling for me. I had planned on bringing in the ladder and doing it for Tatiana on her birthday, but my knight in shining armour surprised us by taking off of work early! Not what he had in mind when he did that, I know. I am awfully glad I didn't have to unearth the ladder, though! :) Anyway... As I said, pictures don't really do it justice, but no one really wanted to paint the ceiling, so a blue tulle draped canopy was my solution! Tatiana loves it, and keeps telling us so. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. One room down, six to go. ;)

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