Saturday, 11 April 2009

I wish I'd taken a picture.

**Update** I just realised that I talked about Tatiana alphabetising the seeds for us, but didn't post the picture of it! Bad MJ!

I'm firmly convinced that the "landscapers" hired by home builders don't fully think things through. We have this little strip of flower bed about 6-8 inches wide between our house and sidewalk. In it, the builder put 2 full-sized bushes, 3 bunches of monkey grass, and a blue spruce tree. We have been talking about doing something about this travesty since we moved in almost five years ago so, today we all spent the day working in the yard. Now, we have a blue spruce tree in the corner of our back yard, a bush on either side of our air-conditioning unit, and 3 bunches of monkey grass in front of it. Tomorrow and the next day it is supposed to rain, so hopefully they will take root and flourish in a place where they actually have room. In our front FLOWER BED, we planted four o'clocks, lupines, morning glories, and violas which Tatiana so thoughtfully arranged alphabetically! Now, I have never worked in a garden. I absolutely LOVE flowers, but I have something of a brown thumb, so I've never tried. My hope is that the coming rain will also make these flowers happy, and I will have a beautiful strip of colour up to our front door. Regardless, we no longer have a jungle, so that is a major improvement.

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