Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!!! I have a confession to make on this most holy Sunday... I cheated on FBC Anna. Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! We don't have Sunday school classes on Easter, so I didn't have to teach, and with the new singing rotation, I was able to arrange Easter Sunday off of that too, so we went to visit some wonderful friends for a very special day! Our former pastor is now preaching at Northgate in the north Fort Worth area. Pastor Joe (pictured here) and his wonderful wife Becca have a special place in my heart because they helped to lead both of my sweet girls to Christ and baptised them. In addition to Joe and Becca, our former minister of worship, Shaun, is also at Northgate, so I was invited to sing there! (Yep, the short one is ME!) Following service, the church held an Easter egg hunt in the children's area so that we didn't get all muddy from the rain that morning. After all the festivities at Northgate, we went out to lunch at the Olive Garden, and stuffed ourselves silly! Normally, we would meet my parents for lunch, but my mom is not feeling well at all, so we'll have to take a rain check on that. The rest of the day we have spent relaxing, and enjoying some of our Easter Bunny spoils. What a great day! :)


Darling Daughters said...

Hope your mom's better soon. Everything alright?

M J said...

I think so. She has a stomach bug, and I'm going over there today.