Saturday, 10 December 2011


My girls will be grown.
Zachariah won't get into everything, or ask to nurse quite so often.
I'll get back on top of this blogging thing.
Until then, here's another catch-up post!

Celestia turned 14 years old!  She actually went to a church retreat over the weekend and was not with us on her birthday for the very first time, ever.  It was a little bittersweet.  She had a great time, and Jonathan and I certainly enjoyed an entire weekend for dates, but it's a little sad for my big girl to prefer to be with her friends.
Happy 14th birthday to by biggest baby!  <3

Jonathan and I celebrated our 9th anniversary for an entire week, with Jon being on vacation.  On our actual anniversary, we took the kids to the aquarium, a sweet memory from our wedding.  Jonathan and I stayed in a hotel downtown on our wedding night, and went to the aquarium all by ourselves the day after we got married.
Pregnant seahorse!
Love my babywearing babies!
Good thing he has a cute bum...
Because we spend a lot of time chasing him these days!
Little did we know that someone was going to come down with chicken pox the very next day.  My apologies to anyone who was at the aquarium on Wednesday and has now contracted the chicken pox!
He wasn't too sure about the oatmeal stocking.
Once he decided that it wasn't out to get him, he enjoyed squishing it!
Not looking too bad!  That's because most of the actual chicken pox are inside the diaper.  :(

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