Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Busy, busy!

If you thought there was EVER a dull moment in our lives, guess again!  The last week or so has been so full with family and friends, I hardly know where to start.

One of the girls' best friends had a birthday last week, and they went to her house for a sleepover.  These particular friends were actually co-workers (and obviously good friends) of Jonathan and I back in our Starbucks days. (Oh, did you not know that Jonathan and I met while working at Starbucks together?)  I simply couldn't resist trying to get a shot of Zachariah in the little apron they had purchased for their oldest daughter!
As amazingly cute as my boy is, he is not always the most willing of models.

Later on, Zachariah proved to us that, indeed, there is no use crying over spilled milk.  So long as it's not breastmilk.  lol
On Christmas Eve, the kiddos unwrapped their traditional present at our house...  Christmas jammies!
Afterward, we headed to church for Christmas Eve service.  Our little town had suffered a water main break earlier in the day, and when the water was turned back on, the school cafeteria where we usually meet was flooded, so we held service in the gym.  I love how so many people showed up early to help move all the equipment (which thankfully had not been left in the cafeteria) and set up shop in a whole new place!
Too bad all the pics were all fuzzy.  This was the best one.  I love this group so much!
Our tree was full of presents when we went to bed that night!  I have to admit that seeing the bottom of the tree so devoid of ornaments makes me smile.  :)
Wonder what those could be?
We had so much fun opening presents that there aren't very many pictures.
Poor Celestia always seems to get hurt.
 Suffice it to say, the girls were very happy with their big gift...
Zachariah is enjoying playing with the perpetually out of tune guitar that Celestia and Tatiana had been sharing before.  The only real question is - will he be a guitarist...
Or a drummer?
He's also enjoying his super cute new woolie.
Both the boys got new building toys.
And we've all been enjoying playing Dance Dance Revolution.
Yes, even Zachariah gets on the mat and dances.  TOO CUTE!!!
Dancing while babywearing must burn more calories, right?
And my big gift?...
My wonderful hubby rebuilt me a laptop!  <3  All in all, I would say that we had a pretty rockin' Christmas!

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