Friday, 2 September 2011

First field trip of the school year

I know I've said it before but one of the things I love about homeschooling is the flexibility it gives us to do things during the week.  Jonathan had already gotten his hours for the week, so last Friday we went to our favourite place in Dallas!  Zachariah is really aware of things around him now, and enjoyed it lots!  Jonathan was the cameraman for the day, so I am actually in a lot of the pictures.
Yummy fish!

It's a pygmy

Sweet girls

We almost never see this sloth!

They actually let Daddy take their picture!

Love my girls!

"Can you say owl?"

Mommy's view

Tiny cuddlefish

It's an eel garden!

Snack time!

Ooh, dinner AND a show!

Hi seahorse!

Ooh, look at the big kitty!


JMe said...

Amazing pictures!!!! Although I desperately want to copy the breastfeeding pictures and paste them on bulletin boards across Dallas and dare people to call it immodest or offensive. But I wont, even though they are beautiful and amazing photos....but I am tempted. Can I print one to whip out when people start saying stupid things?

M J said...

Post, print, whatever you want! :) I've sent a ton to
so they're all over the place. lol