Friday, 16 September 2011

Ode to the last bag of breastmilk I pumped while working.

Sweet breastmilk, I painstakingly pumped you

To keep my beautiful boy fed while I was at work.

But you were rejected.
In bottles,
In sippies,

He would not drink you.

So I quit,
And you were cooked!

He loves his oaty-meal!

Yay oatmeal!

Gotta keep it all in!

Last bite.
But you are gone now,
So tomorrow's will be made with almond milk.


JMe said...

haha two thumbs down for pumping (it is of the debil) but two thumbs up for oaty meal and amazing baby faces!!!

Mummies nummies said...

awesome post!!!! Soooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing!