Saturday, 16 April 2011

Zachariah's first visit to the farmer's market

McKinney has the coolest farmer's market that's in a little historic village.

We went once before when I was pregnant with Z, but I didn't bring my camera, and regretted it.  This time I did not make that mistake.  They were having a Civil War history event and had people walking around in costumes and showing off some of their weapons.
These clothes were laid out on the bed in one of the houses.
It also looked like they might have been preparing for a wedding.

Don't worry though, we didn't get so distracted that we forgot what we came there for...  FOOD!
Zachariah helping me buy some tamales.
And other stuff.
I was just talking about buying some worms for my compost bins.  Guess I know where we'll be getting them!
We had a great morning, and will definitely be going back soon!

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