Saturday, 16 April 2011

Random info

Zachariah's 6 month stats taken on 4/7/11:
Height 26.5 in. 53rd percentile
Weight 17.10 lbs. 52nd percentile
Head circumference 17 in. 33rd percentile

First food given on 4/5/11 was avocado and he loved it!
Second food given on 4/11/11 was carrots, and he was not impressed.  Two days later, he turned his nose up at them completely.
Third food given on 4/14/11 was apples.  Better than carrots, but not as good as avocado.
First food combination was apples and carrots given on 4/15/11, and it was a hit.

Recent facebook status, just because I never want to forget it: 
I love baby kisses! You know the kind I'm talking about - open mouth, tongue stuck out, I-know-this-is-how-I-show-you-that-I-love-you-but-I-don't-know-how-to-pucker-my-mouth-yet kisses. The kind that leave you covered in slobber (or milk!) and simultaneously reaching for a burp cloth yet wondering if you really want to wipe off where that sweet baby smooched!

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