Monday, 4 April 2011

Cesarean Awareness Month

April is cesarean awareness month!  In honour of this, I'm creating a top five list of things you probably don't know about having a c-section.  Here is an up front warning for those that are easily offended.  You may want to skip the rest.

1) Scar tissue takes a year to form.  You may experience discomfort in the incision site for that entire year.  I hear from other moms that they still feel twinges years after having a C.
2) There is a longer recovery when it comes to sex as usual.  Seems counter intuitive, right?  Shouldn't a baby coming out of your vagina affect that more than a scar in your belly?  Um, no.
3) A cesarean has a profound emotional impact on a woman.  I have heard this from almost every mother I've talked to who has had a C.  Even those who had very necessary c-sections.  This emotional aspect is often overlooked.
4) Having a cesarean may turn you into an activist.  I promise it's not just me.  ;)
5) Having a cesarean may change your course in life.  I, also am not the only one.  The more I talk to women who have chosen midwifery, or some other birth profession, the more I realise that these are women who, much like me, had a traumatic birth and want to give other mothers the chance for something better.

What about you?  Have you been touched by a cesarean in some way?  For those of you who have been affected by a cesarean, I highly encourage you to check out ICAN, and find your local chapter.

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Ami said...

Great post! I kind of "ignored" the emotional component of my first section for a long time... I knew something wasn't right, but I didn't attribute it to the section until I was pregnant with our 2nd (well, 4th if you count pregnancy losses) and decided I wanted a vbac. Unfortunately I didn't prepare myself by seeking a truly supportive provider and the support of other women so that ended in a repeat section. Now, expecting #3, and knowing my doctor does not support vbac, I've done a lot more research, started going to ICAN meetings, sharing my story with those who will listen, looking for other providers, etc. It is amazing to see the impact of a section on a person, even when looking at myself. Best of luck as you pursue your midwifery career! (Oh, and your little man is adorable!!!)