Saturday, 27 November 2010

Zachariah's first family field trip!

To the Dallas World Aquarium, of course!  We had lunch at Cafe Maya, which was also our first restaurant experience with Zachariah.  I must say, it went quite well.  Zachariah slept, and I ate sideways.  lol

I woke up on Thanksgiving to my incision no longer being sore, so decided to celebrate by taking my ERGO to the aquarium with us.  The ring sling is definitely quicker to get on for things like a trip to the grocery store, or Friday School, but for an all day outing, the weight distribution of the ERGO can't be beat!  :)

Don't worry, Jonathan carried Zachariah some, too!

I would love to say that Zachariah was enthralled by all the animals we saw...

but about the only interest he showed was in the shark tunnel!

We had a great day, and got Zachariah his very first souvenir!

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