Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cloth diaper stash... continued!

When I ordered our first round of cloth diapers, the fabulous Megan at Pampered Buns sent a coupon for some free cloth wipes along with the order.  Of course, I went back to her for our second round of cloth dipes!  :)  "One size" diapers almost never fit newborn babies, so you need something to use for at least the first month or so to get the baby up to a size where they'll fit.  Our plan is to use prefolds, and covers.  Now, before you start wrinkling your nose, and thinking of white plastic pants, take a look at these!

Aren't they adorable???  These are Thirsties Duo diaper covers in a size one.  They fit from 6 to roughly 18 pounds, so we'll get much more use out of them than we would out of a small fitted cover.  They can be used over fitted diapers, or over prefolds.  Our newborn stash is now just about complete.  I will be purchasing some infant prefolds to go in them, which we will be able to use for extra absorbency even when they're too small to wrap around the baby by simply tri-folding them and putting them in a shell!

I think these wipes are absolutely adorable, don't you?  I'll be making many more soon, but since I had the coupon, I figured that would be 3 wipes that I wouldn't have to sew myself!  :)

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