Friday, 25 December 2009

December fun!

What a December it's been!  Jonathan had two weeks off of work at the beginning of the month, and it was the BEST Christmas present just to have him home for that time.  We took the girls to Caroling at the Adolphus, and the aquarium during the week when it wouldn't be too crowded.  We always enjoy the animals at the aquarium, but it's even more enjoyable when there's not a thousand people there and you can take your time.  We also went to the Trail of Lights at the Heard Museum.  Cool idea, poorly executed.  On the other hand, we basically saw the entire museum (minus the nature trails) at a reduced admission.

Celestia and Tatiana were a huge help in preparing for Christmas this year.  They decorated our tree completely without Jonathan's or my help, and wrapped all of Jonathan's presents , in addition to the dog's presents!

Later today, I'll post some pictures of Christmas day taken with my NEW CAMERA!  Oh yeah, we had a big Christmas again this year, reminding me that we are so abundently blessed here in the Martin household.

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Jamie McLaughlin said...

oh my goodness those are beautiful young ladies!!! Merry Christmas Martins! I love you all muchas! come visit me ;p