Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas festivities!

Despite concerns over a smaller budget for Christmas this year, we still managed a nice one!  From MP3 players for the girls to bass guitar gear for Jonathan and way too much for Mommy, it was a fun day!

The doggies got matching bowls with iron stands, and they're no longer able to push them all over the kitchen.  :)

Celestia is happy to have her Nintendo DS back.  It was broken earlier this year, and we got it fixed for Christmas.

Tatiana is loving the new stuffed Planet Earth Panda she got, and doesn't want to put it down.

Christmas would be complete without all of us getting new books, and Jonathan got an almost complete set (missing volume VI) of Edgar Allan Poe books published in 1904!

We will be adding a new addition to our household soon, in the form of ... a turtle!  I had pet box turtles when I was a kid, and something about them just makes me smile.  Jonathan bought me all the gear, with the promise of a turtle as soon as everything is assembled, and I choose a breed.  You may also notice a difference in my pictures very soon, because my seven-year-old digital camera has been replaced with a shiny new one!  Once I figure out how to use it, I'm sure the pictures will be a much better quality!  ;)

The Dallas area had our first white Christmas in eighty-three years!  Our girls (and especially Tatiana) were SOOOO excited to have snow on Christmas morning that they could hardly contain themselves!  Despite the frosty morning, it all melted from the roads by lunch time, so we were able to go over to Nana and Papa's house for our traditional Christmas dinner.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and I'm looking forward to 2010!

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Cristi said...

Enjoyed your Christmas post. That book gift for Jonathan was AWESOME! I know he loved that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.