Monday, 3 August 2009

Weekend fun!

This past weekend, the girls had a sleepover with their friend, Mary. Has anyone ever wondered WHY it's called a sleepover when no one actually gets any sleep? ANYway... They all had a great time! We ordered pizza for dinner Friday night, and proceeded to stuff ourselves with said pizza, cookies, and ice cream. YUM! While the girls were being silly, I even managed to bake some homemade banana bread for breakfast the next day! We watched Penelope together, and then I sent the girls to bed so we could enjoy a trip to the aquarium on Saturday! It poured rain that morning, so it was absolutely packed! We've been qoing there on a fairly regular basis since Tatiana was just a baby, and I have NEVER seen it that crowded! No matter. We were in NO hurry, so it was enjoyable despite the crowds. We even managed to catch the sea turtles eating lunch! I love turtles! :) After spending the day at the aquarium, we went to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. We split 2 volcano desserts, but probably could have done with only 1 bewteen the 4 of us! HA! All in all, it was a nice girl's weekend!

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