Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A little backwards!

So I know that I've posted SINCE July the 4th, but I never actually posted ABOUT what we did on the 4th! Could be all that mess with Murphy, but that's NO excuse! We had a great 4th of July at FreedomFest in Frisco. The girls were able to play on an inflatable obstacle course, jump in a bungee thingamob (that's a technical name, there!) and meet Elsie the cow. The evening was completed with a fireworks show that was just a little unusual. After what was obviously the grand finale, we hopped in the truck to leave when we suddenly heard another firework. And another. And another... Aparently, they had missed an entire row of fireworks, so we hopped back in the bedof the truck and got a little bonus show. The girls thought that was the best part, and talked about it all the way home. Hope everyone else out there in blog land had a nice holiday weekend!

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