Friday, 13 March 2009

Sweet Babies!

Hiya folks! I am becoming more and more addicted to this whole blogging thing! Our lives lately have been fairly laid back. We have actually settled into a somewhat normal routine with me job searching in the morning while the girls work independently, and really getting some good one-on-one teaching time with them in the afternoon. The last few days, we are all going a bit crazy, because it's suddenly COLD again after being in the eighties, and rainy out. These girls have all sorts of energy, and need to run some of it off outside, and are just not able to do that right now. And don't even get me started on the dogs! Yep, we're all going nuts!
I still haven't received any calls about my pet care business despite dozens of fliers left on doors, at the local donut shop, and E-mails sent, so I fear that it may fall through. I DID have an interview yesterday, and the guy interviewing me said that he had received 200 inquiries about the job. 200! He also said that I was there because he liked my personality and this job is fairly dependent on a bubbly personality, so keep your fingers crossed for me!
The girls and I are auditioning this weekend for a Christian talent agency in the areas of singing and acting for all three of us, with the addition of modeling for my little ladies! Any of you who know me will know that when I grew up, I wanted to be a singer, or a race horse jockey, and a mommy. Since I am now the mommy of two beautiful little ladies, I think it's time to sing and act away! (A side note to those of you who have budding entertainers in your lives: Please don't tell them that they need to have a "fall back". People make their living singing and acting every day. You know of the top 5-10%, but there are SO many more. Think about comercials, jingles, demos for choir music, the possibilites are endless! No one ever told Jonathan that he should have a fall back when he was studying computers, and the tech industry crashed the year before he got his degree. We are JUST NOW beginning to see the benefits of all his hard work from a degree that he received in 2002. Sorry for my soapbox, but I was recently talking to a friend who has multiple degrees in theatre, and she also experienced this. Nothing makes you feel less validated than having everyone in your life tell you that what you love and KNOW you are supposed to do with your life is useless. OK, side note finished!) I will be posting more pictures, both from our photo session since I need pics of the girls to leave with the talent agency, and of the actual audition process itself!
Now, for my final note today... I have recently stumbled onto blogs for all sorts of wonderful, sweet babies that need our prayers! I've wanted to put all their little buttons on my blog, but there simply isn't room on my sidebar, so I plan to post one at the end of each blog for a while! Today's is a sweet little boy named Jonah, who has a rare skin disorder. Doesn't he have the most precious little mouth?


Jamie McLaughlin said...

haha if there is a job that needs a bubbly personality then you are perfect!!

Cristi said...

Celestia reminds me a little of Karen when she was little. Of course its been a million years since I have seen her. Maybe since she was Celestias age.