Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lights! Camera! ... Wait.

After much discussion and prayer, we have decided NOT to sign on with AMTC. I talked to a friend who has been in the industry for a few years, and she said that she wouldn't recommend spending all that money to go to a conference. There's no guarantee that the right people will see you, or that would will be called back even if they do. I know Jonathan is relieved, and in a way, so am I. We were looking at a LOT of money to go forward with this. Of course to me, this opportunity was like a golden carrot dangling in front of my nose with the very dream that I have been chasing my entire life at the tip of it. It would have been almost impossible for me to say no to that on my own. Nevertheless, I'm glad we went, because the girls had never gone to a large audition, and it was a good experience for them. Going forward, we will try to sign on with a local talent agency, and perform in as many productions as possible!
Now, for today's little one: A tiny girl named Kayleigh. She wasn't supposed to survive, and has been in the NICU for almost nine months!

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