Monday, 12 January 2009

Finishing touches

I knew with our newly painted furniture that I wanted some pretty boxes of some sort to contain the mess. I had looked several places to no avail, finding either nothing at all, or horribly flowered concoctions that had no place in any adult's room, much less one that is shared with a man. I finally stumbled across these book boxes on clearance at Earthbound Trading Company, and brought home three of them, which I promptly realised was about three too few, so I had to go back for more! ;) I also searched for quite some time for a lining to go in the shelf before finding this beautiful striped pillow cover at Pottery Barn. That was especially exciting, because I knew I would never be able to match the green paint, but since the colours are all muted, it doesn't need to!
OK, I'll stop now. I'm WAY excited to have some organisation in our bathroom, can you tell?

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