Sunday, 4 January 2009

Decorating project numero uno!

Our big three goals for the house this year are to get more organised inside, more organised outside, and to actually decorate! Our first project actually helped in ALL THREE areas! WOOHOO!
Our master bathroom has no counter space. I'm not kidding, this is one tiny space for two people to primp in. So, because it's just not easy being this beautiful (hehe!) my potions and lotions were taking over... And don't even get me started on jewelry! We also happen to have a garage packed full of stuff - from band posters, old toys and clothes, to furniture we're no longer using, and even a telephone booth sized network rack (don't ask).
We've talked about buying a piece of furniture for the master bath since we moved in just to help organise, and personalise the space some. Then one day it hit me... We have this tower out in the garage that hasn't been used since we moved into the house. Don't ask me why we have LESS furniture in our house than we did in the apartment. I have no answer for that. Anyhoo, it wasn't really our style as it was a hand-me-down piece, so we decided to paint it! We already had some gold paint for the room, and a picture hanging on the wall that had lots of jewel tones in it, so the not-so-appealing tower is now a pretty shade of green, with brand new handles, and we've recalimed what little counter space there was around the sink.
Now, if I can only remember where my face wash is at 6:00 AM I'll be doing good! :)

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