Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What is this "blogging" of which you speak?

Yep, I'm behind.  WAY behind!  So what HAVE we been up to?
Zachariah turned 18 months old.  (Yeah, like three months ago, but here are his stats!)
Height: 32.5" 55th percentile
Weight 26 pounds 51st percentile
Head circumference 19.25" (not sure of the percentile on this one because they mis-measured the first time and didn't give the percentile for the correct measurements.)
Unfortunately, because I didn't document it right then I have no idea what new words he was saying at 18 months.  I can tell you that as of today, he is a little parrot.  He repeats practically everything and responds in some of the cutest ways.  If you tell him something such as "We're going to get dressed so we can go to the store."  He looks at you and nods, and says "Oh."  It's SO CUTE!!!!!!!
We went on vacation to Houston, where my camera was on the fritz, so I only have phone pictures.
This is at Ben's Beans, where the kids and I had coffee every morning on our trip

Playing in the water at the Houston Children's Museum
Yum, rock candy!
Wait, how do I get it out?!
Celestia helping me break in a new sling.
A rare moment of sisterly affection.  Better take a picture!
Riding the tram at NASA
Z had so much fun!

Sadly most of the pictures of our trip were very blurry.  :(

We went to Scarborough Faire.

We've been enjoying locally grown produce from a friend's farm.
What's in here?
A peach!

Zachariah had some swimming lessons.

Tatiana got contacts.
And we've been playing in the water to stay cool as much as possible.

Zachariah has also begun potty learning, and actually tinkled in the potty for the very first time just today!
On the health front, I am discovering that chiropractic care fixes practically anything.  Since getting adjusted, I have not had one. single. panic attack.  I also went during a time when I was having issues with my gallbladder and mentioned it to the chiropractor - I was not going expressly for gallbladder troubles - and haven't had a spasm since.

I went back to work part time to save up some money for childcare when I am apprenticing and have no income.  I've also downloaded a sample unit in a midwifery course and have been working on it, in addition to the work that I'm doing with Trust Birth.  I would like to really dive in on actually training sooner, rather than later, but it does not look like it's in the cards quite yet.  I'll get there.

So that's pretty much us in a nutshell.  Spring and fall are Jonathan's busiest times of the year, so we're trying to enjoy him as much as possible when he's home, which isn't nearly as often as I would like.

I make no promises as to the frequency of my future blogging.  I haven't forgotten, but this season of our lives simply doesn't afford me much free time in front of a computer.

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