Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In a nutshell

We've been busy.  Really busy.  My time on the computer is so limited these days that I almost never have time to check my emails, much less blog, so here's what we've been doing, in a nutshell.
Marshmallow roasting on New Year's!
Zoo visiting!

Hair chopping!
No more "mom bun" for me!
Hanging out with friends!
This guy is always playing outside the aquarium.
Swiping Mommy's headband!
Making mead!
Shake it, Baby!
Replacing broken stuff!
Can I help, Daddy?
Dying Tatiana's hair!
Kool Aid hair dye.

Aquarium visiting!
Getting Zachariah his very own Jamba Juice!
And going to Zachariah's very first wedding, too!  Congratulations to Corey and April!  :)  Their wedding took place in a history museum, hence all the pictures of Zachariah looking at fun stuff!
Z didn't sleep for long, because right after this was taken, the dance floor was opened up.  Someone was the life of the party!  ;)
This is all very brief and in a nutshell, as the title suggests, but I think I'm finally caught up!

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