Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lovely legs

Zachariah rocks the baby leg warmers!
These are the first leg warmers I made myself.
Some coffee bean leg warmers for my little Starbucks lovechild.
Look at that cute, chubby belly!  <3
These are only SOME of Zachariah's leg warmers.  I think they're so cute and practical!!!  No need to take off pants to change diapers, just push them down a bit and pull back up when the diaper change is over!

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Ashley Doodle said...

I love leg warmer for rylan. Because if it's a bit chilly but then gets warm i can take them off him while he's in the sling very convenient. Can even put them on arms if it gets cold and your not expecting it and they take up less room in my bag than a pair of pants or a shirt and they fit both my boys so it doesn't matter which one I put them on.