Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I use coconut oil on Zachariah's bum.

Since bringing this amazing oil into my home, I'm definitely feeling the coconut love!  So I thought I would do a fun post of my top 10 uses for coconut oil in no particular order!

10) For cradle cap - Zachariah has pretty much outgrown this ailment, but when it was a problem, I rubbed a little coconut oil on his scalp a few minutes before bath time, and it really helped a lot.
9) As a diaper rash preventative - I've found that as long as I keep Zachariah's bum slathered in coconut oil, he doesn't get rashes that often.  Even if he does, they aren't bad, and don't last long.  And no wonder with all the amazing healing properties of coconut oil.
8) In Zachariah's baby wipe solution - Lots of mommas use different kinds of oils in their baby wipe solution to keep baby's bum nice and soft.  Since I originally bought my coconut oil for the baby, this is what I decided to use.  It works great, so there doesn't seem to be any reason to use anything different.
7) On my cesarean scar - Because of where the incision for a C is made, the site can be susceptible to yeast infections.  Never thought of that, but it absolutely makes since.  Coconut is naturally antifungal so it works great for keeping the yeasties away.
6) As a massage oil - Babies (and mommies!) love a good massage.  Warm up a little coconut oil between your palms, and it's a perfect, tropical smelling massage oil!
5) As a make up remover - Most make up removers are made with various kinds of oils, and who knows what else.  Coconut oil takes that eye makeup right off, and doesn't have any funny additives that you can't pronounce!
4) As a facial cleanser - My skin gets extra dry in the winter, so my normal facial bar doesn't work at all once the seasons change.  I've been softening a bit of coconut oil between my fingers and sprinkling in some baking soda to cleanse and exfoliate all at the same time.
3) As a moisturizer - Sure, I have plenty of lotions, and I use them.  Occasionally, though I find myself in a hurry after washing my face, and the coconut oil is right there.  No reason not to dab a little on my face and neck so I can get to that hungry boy!
2) As a bath oil - Who needs expensive bath oils when you can just add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the bath water for a sweet tropical small and super soft skin?  Just make sure to wipe down the tub afterward!

And my number one use for coconut oil...
1) As a spread - Let's not forget that coconut is a food, first and foremost!  Coconut oil is a yummy treat wherever you would use butter.  It has tons of health benefits, and there's even a coconut oil diet!  I could get used to eating more coconut.  Maybe I'll give it a try!  ;)

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JMe said...

HA that is exactly the brand I use :) Love me some coconut oil. I have started buying whole coconuts to drink the water and want to start making my own coconut oil since I have the meat left over after I drink them and I have to do something with it to justify the cost of buying these darn things. good times. I did not think about using it for a makeup remover though. Two thumbs up for that!!!

( ok my word verification word to comment on your blog right now is leaking. It made me giggle.)