Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bad blogger mom!

So much to say, so little time!  This will probably be a mish-mash of thoughts, just because I haven't posted in so long.
First things first: How do you like the new header?  I'm not completely satisfied with it, but I AM happy to have actual pictures of our family and to have Zachariah represented.  I have renamed the blog "Not your mainstream momma!" which I AM completely satisfied with because I'm not.  ;)

Zachariah is doing well and growing like crazy.  At his 2 month appointment (which yes, was a month ago) he weighed 12.4 pounds.  He is currently in the middle of a growth spurt and does nothing but eat and sleep!

He's smiling and talking lots.

Now, I know Christmas is long gone, but since I never posted anything about it...  The kids got their traditional pajamas that they opened on Christmas Eve.

Although Zachariah wasn't really that interested.

Our row of stockings grew!
And the girls did another wonderful job of decorating our beautiful tree.
I didn't really take a ton of pictures on Christmas this year.  OOPS!  Here are a couple of Zachariah playing on his new playmat.  He is becoming confident enough to play on it for a good 15-20 minutes a day, giving Momma a welcome break.  :)

Grandma and Grandpa Martin got the girls Rock Band for Christmas, and we all took turns playing together on New Year's Eve.  Yep, even Momma sang for a while.  ;)
We all stayed up to toast the New Year...
And went to the aquarium the next day.  Grandma Martin was in town, and we didn't get a single picture of her.  (Ooh, double bad blogger mom!)

Today it snowed, and I got Zachariah all bundled up for his first Texas snow.  He wasn't that interested, so he and I didn't stay out for long.

 The girls took full advantage of the rare Texas weather, though!

That's about it for now.  I'm still having bouts of baby blues, mostly dealing with having such a traumatic birth experience, which has a lot to do with why you haven't heard from me in so long.  I think I'm over the worst of it, so you should hear more from me soon.  Specifically, I've had a request for an update on how the cloth diapering is going, so I'll be working on that.  Expect lots of extra cute fluffy bum photos!!!  :)

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Cristi said...

Didnt know about a bad birth experience. What happened? Hope you are feeling much better soon. He sure is a cutie! Love the Christmas Eve Pajama idea! :)