Monday, 25 January 2010

On being thankful

Have you ever noticed how easily we slip into griping about little things?  I know I fall guilty to that more than I would care to admit.  Lately, I've been trying to take my annoyances and turning them into things to be thankful for.  It's not always easy.  Last week, a friend came by, and my house was in a sad state of disarray.  With all the rain we had gotten, our dogs tracked in mass quantities of mud.  I was in the midst of washing all the cushions on our sofa, and vacuuming up the mess.  As she came in, I looked around and said "Sorry about the mess.  The dogs tracked in mud and I'm working on cleaning it up.  I'm trying to be thankful that I have a good vacuum cleaner instead of being annoyed by the mess!"  She laughed and nodded knowingly.  You see, there was a time, not so very long ago, that I didn't have a decent vacuum cleaner.  Had I been attempting to clean with our old one, Jonathan probably would have come home to a broken window, a vacuum cleaner on the lawn, and a crying wife.  (I'm just kidding about the window and the vacuum cleaner.  Not so much the crying wife!  lol)

Saturday, we ran out of milk, and had to get some for supper.  I hopped in the truck and ran up the street to Brookshires.  They were out of gallons in the kind we use, and no one in the house will drink their brand, so I took a deep breath, and bought a half gallon.  Jonathan had also asked me to pick up some soda, so I grabbed a 12-pack while there.  As I was walking out to my truck, frustrated that they didn't have what I wanted, and what they did have was over-priced, I had to stop myself.  Not so very long ago, I would have to either go to the truck stop, and pray that they weren't out of milk, or drive into town.  It wouldn't be practical to do all of our grocery shopping at Brookshires, but how convenient to actually have a grocery store here in town!  We've lived in Anna for five-and-a-half years now, and for most of that time, we didn't have that luxury.

This morning, it has started early.  The girls are just not at their best so far today.  They've already gotten themselves grounded for the afternoon.  BUT... how hard have we worked for me to be able to stay home with them?  How often do I read news articles about what is happening in public schools around here, and thank God that my girls are homeschooled?  How many times (even on days like today) am I reminded that I have awesome kids?  I do, really.  Sure, they argue, but I'm told this is normal.  (A complete lack of sibling rivalry on my part as a child did NOT prepare me for this love-hate relationship.)  We get to study in our jammies, if we want.  If cabin fever sets in, it's off to the aquarium for the day.  I have the unique opportunity to teach my children every day.  Not just in the afternoon.  Not just on the weekends.  Every. single. day.  How amazing of a blessing is that?

It's time for me to step away from the keyboard, now.  The dogs have tracked in more mud, and the laundry beckons.  This day will bring plenty of opportunity for me to exercise this attitude of gratitude.  I'm off to go enjoy my new singing washer and dryer a little bit!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I love posts that remind me to do something as simple as just say a little prayer of thanks every now and then... I needed to hear that today. Everyone in my family is sick and tired of being sick! But I am thankful that in the midst of our sickness, we're all finding time to take care of and nurture one another. What a gift that is!

Confessions From A Working Mom

happygal said...

Wow, this just gave me chills. Strangely enough, I also wrote about being thankful and showing appreciation today, too. Your post was so great to read!