Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mom's fabulous vacation part II!

Did you think I had forgotten about the rest of my wonderful vacation? Let me assure you, I did not! I have been both taking care of a fabulous found doggie, and looking for a job, and let me tell you - looking for a job is more work than actually having one!
After two days of sight seeing with Lisa, I headed over to my in-law's house in Leesburg. They have some wooded property there, and it is absolutely beautiful! I don't actually have very many pictures of my time at their home. I was way too busy relaxing! :) As silly as it may sound, I had heard about a fabulous grocery store they have there from both Lisa and Donna, and just had to check it out, so we had lunch at Wegmans and did a bit of grocery shopping on my first day there. We took a day and drove to the mountains in West Virginia where they will be building a house for retirement, and spent the rest of the week petting dogs, drinking coffee, and chatting. Four dogs resided at their home while I was there - Wayland (sheltie, bottom pic) and Jasmine (cattle dog mix, top pic) are permanent residents there. Fosters at the time included Dusty (an Australian Shepherd / Sheltie mix, third dog) and Millie (Sheltie, second dog down) who was a breeding dog at a puppy mill. Millie has since been adopted! :) She was a sweetie and will make a great pet once she realises she is safe. :) I did jump in the pool once while I was there, but let me tell you, it was just a bit chilly for this Texas girl! On my last night there, Jonathan's brother and girlfriend came over, and we had dinner and played a board game together.
This was the first actual vacation I had taken since Jonathan and I went on our honeymoon, and I certainly needed it! The entire week was the perfect balance of doing fun things, and doing absolutely nothing at all. I am so lucky to have such awesome in-laws who let me hang out with them just because I needed to get away!

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