Friday, 16 January 2015

Annual family pictures

Every year since having Zachariah we've had family pictures taken in the fall.  I LOVE it, and really wish we'd started sooner.  This year, I drug my feet booking a photographer, and we pushed it later in the year.  Corwin was NOT impressed with the weather.
YUP.  That pretty much set the tone for the session.  Mom fail.  Amazingly enough, our fabulous photographer managed to coax a decent picture or two out of us, and Zachariah stole the show, as always.
The girls even had a moment or two of getting along.
And my boys...
I mean, seriously.
Don't worry, Corwin wasn't completely miserable the entire time.
As in life, some days are going to be relatively effortless, and others are just gonna be
But, it usually comes back around in the end.

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Cristi said...

Very nice. Look at Corwins blonde hair!