Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Belly! Belly! Belly!

I haven't taken too many belly shots this pregnancy, and haven't posted the ones that I have taken!  So how about a belly shot overload?
OK, so this one obviously isn't technically a belly shot.  :)  It was taken at Celestia's band concert on December 15th.  I was about 18 weeks pregnant here.
Taken on January 14th.  I'm about 22 weeks here.
Not technically a belly shot, but too perfect not to share.  Love snuggling with my handsome hubby!
Taken January 15th.  I know, I know, only one day later than the last one, so I'm somewhere in the middle of 22 weeks.  I wasn't crazy about any of the shots taken the day before, so we tried again.
Another one that's not technically a belly shot!  Celestia and I were all dressed up for her auntie's Valentine's Day wedding!  I'm about 27 weeks here.  Earlier this week I had to take out my navel piercing because it was starting to get aggravated.
Enjoying a gorgeous day at the park!  28 weeks, here.  Yay third trimester!
Taken today, at 30 weeks.  I don't know if you can tell, but I feel like the baby has dropped some.  Maybe I won't be pregnant forever!  :)
And just for fun, me at 30 weeks with Zachariah on the left, and with Corwin on the right.  I really do think Corwin looks lower!

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