Sunday, 24 July 2011

Summer fun!

Busy, Busy, Busy summer!
Both girls have gone to camps and had bunches of fun.  I have absolutely NO pictures of Celestia at camp, but we took Tatiana, and picked her up, so there are pictures of them at Camp Copass.  I'm really glad I got to go out, because we've had at least one child there for the last five years!  This, sadly, will be our last year for a while though, because both girls have gotten too old.  :(
The Jonathan Project playing a final set.  Oh how we love these guys!

Drew Worsham is always a hit, too!
Love these girls!
It's Zachariah's first trip to Camp Copass!  I hope he will have the same wonderful experiences that his sisters did there when he's old enough.
One last look at Lake Lewisville before we leave.
Zachariah is eating lots of new foods.  Basically, if we eat it, he does too.  Sometimes we need to keep him clean...
But for the most part, he feeds himself.
What's this?
Ooh, noodles!
Thanks for the super tasty stew, Daddy!
 Which is often a very messy experience
Requiring multiple baths in a day.
Which obviously, Zachariah loves!
And while we're on the subject of water, How's this for some super cheap entertainment?
Several bowls of water and a half a dozen towels later, Zachariah had happily splashed for a solid 20 minutes.  :)  Gotta stay cool somehow.  I'm so ready for fall!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Zachariah's first trip to the lake

Zachariah loves to swim!  Our visit to Lake Texoma this past Sunday was no exception.  I forgot my camera, but Cody took this amazing picture.  Click on over and check out some of his custom paint jobs!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

9 month stats

Height 27.25" 17th percentile
Weight 21.4 pounds 62nd percentile
Head Circumference 17.75" 43rd percentile

Zachariah loves trying new foods, and prefers to feed himself rather than being fed.  Some of his favourite finger foods include
Fruit leathers (perfect for diaper bag snacks!)
Things he likes so much he will actually deign to being fed are
Baked potato
Rice & veggies
and apparently oatmeal

1/3 cup oats
2.5 oz breastmilk
Throw in a few raisins
Sprinkle on a little cinnamon
UPDATE:  I wasn't particularly pleased with the consistency of the oatmeal, so when I gave it to him a second time, I added some pureed prunes, and he seriously gobbled it up!
I also realised that I hadn't mentioned anything about drinking.  Zachariah likes to take sips of water from a big-person glass.  He still doesn't seem to know what to do with bottles or sippy cups at all.  Baby steps!  :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Coffee CSA

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I'm something of a tree-hugger.  And a coffee lover.  And I try to be socially conscious.  Yes, I'm one of "those" people.  You can go ahead and call me a bleeding-heart liberal.  I promise I won't cry.  So when LaRissa spoke to the church about slavery in the world today, I was horrified to think that my coffee could be (and probably was) harvested by people who were not paid a living wage, or in fact, any wage at all.  Yeah, I know.  I probably should have thought of that.  I said I try to be socially conscious, I didn't say I was perfect.  Interestingly enough, Jonathan did not know any of this, as I quietly started buying Fair Trade coffee without saying anything.  He, knowing my love for wanting to save the world in my own small way, sent me this link to a coffee cooperative last week.  I jumped all over it, and we got our first shipment today!

I can't wait to try it out!  :)